Name: The Marble Suites guest
Password: [email protected]

Or just scan the relevant QR-code on your refrigerator

All our suites are strictly NO-smoking. You may use the shared rooftop terrace any time of the day to smoke, bus still please be aware of your fellow travelers that may use the terrace at that time.
Penthouse guests may also smoke on their private terrace.

The building entrance locks electronically.

To enter the building use the passcode provided to you on your arrival. Type the 4 digit code to the keypad on the right of the building entrance and then push in the door to open.
To exit the building, press the small button on the right side of the door and pull in to open.
IT’S STRICTLY PROHIBITED TO SHARE THIS CODE WITH ANYONE! For food delivery or similar, please go to the entrance yourself.

Your suite door has an electronic door knob.

For suites A1, A3, B1, B3:
1. Press the lock-button to activate the keypad
2. Type in the 6 digits code we gave you
3. Press the lock button one more time
4. Ture the know clockwise to open the door
Follow this link for short instructions video

For suites A2, B2, P1, P2:
1. Press the lock-button to activate the keypad
2. Type in the 6 digits code we gave you
3. Press the lock button one more time
4. Ture the know counterclockwise to open the door
Follow this link for short instructions video

The door of your suite locks automatically when closed.

In the kitchen you’ll find
– filter coffee and filters
– coffee capsules for the espresso maker
– tea
– brown sugar
– salt and pepper.

If you run out you may buy some more from your local grocery store (closest at Mitropoleos 45, Athens 10556).

Kitchen equipment includes:
– home size refrigerator/freezer
– full kitchenware
– electric oven and stovetop
– microwave
– espresso maker
– filter coffee machine
– water boiler
– toaster

The tap water is drinkable and a bottle of cold water is provided in your refrigerator.
Dispose of your full trash bags in the large green bin located in the basement of your building. This bin is designated for organic/general waste. If you collect recyclables in a separate bag please place them next to it.
New garbage bags are available in the cupboard under the kitchen sink

In the wardrobe you will find iron, ironing board a laundry bag and hair dryer.

Drying rack is in the bathroom.

All rooms have sliding blackout wood shutters behind the white curtains or blackout curtains in front of the white curtains.

The safe box is mounted in your closet. There is an instructions leaflet on it. Read it carefully before locking items inside. Or follow this link for a 45 seconds instructions video

You’ll find shampoo, shower gel and hand soap in your bathroom.

Hot water runs all day.

You will find extra toilet paper in the white closet next to the elevator door, just outside of your suite.

Please, do not flush down the toilet any kind of toilet paper or trash. Use the trash bin on the side. There are extra bags under the kitchen sink. You may dispose trash at the basement of the building in the big green bin.

Make sure to leave the bathroom air vent ‘on’ (or window open) as much as you can to avoid mold creation.

Drying rack behind the door.

We can wash your clothes at our laundry room. Laundry bag is in your closet. Connect with us on WhatsApp or e-mail us to arrange pick up. The cost is 15,- EUR per 5 kilos wash. The service is available from 9am to 2pm and takes 24 hours.

Alternatively visit the “Easy Wash Laundromat” for self-service laundry. It’s located at 8 Vlachou Angelou str, just two minute walk from here.

If you find yourselves wanting new towels or a cleanup of your suite please let us know and we’ll do our best to provide it to you the soonest possible, based on our check-in/check-out cleaning schedule.

Smart TV and Hi-Fi with Bluetooth connection available.

Please do not change the menu language of the TV.

If you login to your NETFLIX account, don’t forget to log out before you leave.

Winter: The heating is managed by your hosts and is set to 22°C (72°F) all day. If you prefer a different temperature, please let us know, and we can adjust it for you.

Summer: The air conditioning units operate with a white remote control. Make sure to have it on COLD ‘mode’ and set the desired temperature using the arrow buttons.

Please don’t leave the A/C on while you’re out of the suite. It only takes 10 minutes to cool down again when you’re back 🙂

There is a beautiful shared roof top at your building. Go to the third floor and then take the stairs one more level up. The door of the roof top is always open. There is a shared toilet available for your convenience. Please respect the quiet hours 15:00 to 17:30 and 22:00 to 07:00.

Regular check out is at 11am. Feel free to contact us if you need a possible extension.

Ensure all doors and windows are closed, and switch off all taps and electronic devices and A/C. Don’t forget any personal belongings. If you used the safebox, please leave it open.

 When leaving your suite please turn the electronic door knob around to show the “CHECK-OUT” tag

There is a black&white printer on the wood desk on the 1st floor (above ground floor).
You can use it for free!

Email your document (pdf, word, image etc) to  [email protected] and go get your print-out.

You may store your luggage on the first floor of the building around the big desk or inside the wooden closet. Enter the building with your code and collect them any time later.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the apartment and building common areas. You may smoke at the rooftop terrace, having at mind other guest that may use the terrace with you at the time.

Our reception works remotely from 10am to 10pm.

Email us at [email protected] or call us at +30 210 3238 438

Please respect the quiet hours 3pm to 5:30pm and 10pm to 7am.

The garbage bin is at the basement of your building.

Still Have questions?
Chat with us instantly
from 10am to 10pm Athens time!

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