1. General Info

Our webpage www.themarblesuites.com is a website for the promotion of accommodation services via Internet (herein referred to as the “webpage”) created and operated by the company named “THE MARBLE SUITES PLAKA O.E.” , seated in Athens, Greece, 2 Agiou Andreou street, VAT No. 8017409918 Tax Office A’ ATHINON, email: [email protected] (herein referred to as the “Company”). The following terms and conditions apply to the use of this website. Users visiting and trading or using the services provided here (herein referred to as the “visitor(s)” or the “user(s)” depending on whether they solely visit the company or purchase services) are deemed to consent and irrevocably accept the terms and conditions set forth below, with no exception. If a user does not agree with these terms, then they should, on their own responsibility, abstain from using this website, as well as from using any of the services provided there. The website is not deemed to be used from people without contractual capacity according law in force. You shall not use the website if you are under 18. User declares to be on legal age, to use or book in this website. If user is under 18, can communicate directly to the company. The Company reserves the right to freely amend or review the terms and conditions on the use of and trading within the website, any time at its discretion, it is also responsible to inform users on any change via the pages thereof. Bookings and transactions via the website are executed on any available language, upon users choice with the value on any available currency.

2. Information

Our Company is bound as to the accuracy, truth and fullness of the information presented at the website, regarding our Company identity and the services and transactions provided through our website in the framework of good faith, our Company shall not be responsible and bound by entries of electronic data made by mistake or inadvertently according to common sense; the Company is entitled to correct such mistakes at any time the Company becomes aware of them.

3. Waiver

The Company shall not be liable for any damage which may arise as a result of cancel or non-execution or execution delay of the order for any reason. The company guarantees the availability of all apartments published in the website, provides information with respect to the availability and guarantees that shall promptly notify in case of non-availability or in case of any changes, therefore the company is not liable. The website provides the content (e.g. information, names, photos, representations) and the products supplies through the same “as is”. The Company shall under no circumstances have any civil or criminal liability for any damage (positive, special or consequential, which indicatively and without limitation, alternatively and/or accumulatively entail the loss of income, data, earnings, compensation, etc.) which the visitor, user or a third party may suffer as a result of a cause related with the operation or non-operation and/or the use of the website and/or a failure to provide the services and/or the information supplied thereby and/or as a result of unauthorized interventions by third parties and/or information offered through the website. Company’s liability is limited to booking value. There is an exception in case of client’s injure or death due to Company’s default.

4. Intellectual Property

All contents of the webpage, including the trade names, marks, images, graphic designs, photos, drawings, texts, etc. are intellectual property of our Company and they are protected under the applicable provisions of the Greek and EU law, as well as of international conventions and treaties. Furthermore, any third parties property, for which our Company has been exclusively authorized to use for its own needs and operation of its internet platform, is also protected. Any copy, transfer or creation of derivative of work based on this content or customers misdirection with regard to the actual webpage provider are strictly prohibited. Any reproduction, reissuance, uploading, notification, dissemination or transfer or any other use of the contents, by any means or medium for commercial purposes or otherwise shall be only allowed upon a prior written consent by our Company or any other copyright holder. All names, images, logos and distinctive marks presented at or describing our internet platform with the trade name “The Marble Suites, PLAKA” or the services of our Company or any third parties services are deemed to be the intellectual property of our Company or of the third parties respectively, protected under the applicable laws on trademarks. Their use by the website does by no means authorize or enable any third party to make use of the same.

5. User’s Responsibility

Users/Clients agree and undertake to use the services, information and data of the website, as provided for by law and in compliance with the rules of good faith and trading practices. They may not use the website for:
– sending, publishing, emailing or by other means transferring any kind of illegal content, which illegally offends and harms our Company or any third party, or which jeopardizes the confidentiality of any person’s data,
– sending, publishing, emailing or by other means transferring any content which opposes to morality standards, social values, minority, etc.
– sending, publishing, emailing or by other means transferring any content which users are not entitled to transfer, as provided for by law or the applicable conventions/treaties (e.g. inside information, proprietary and other confidential information acquired or disclosed within the framework of business relations or which are protected under confidentiality agreements),
– sending, publishing, emailing or by other means transferring of any content which violates any patent, trademark, commercial secret, copyright or other property rights of third parties,
– sending, publishing, emailing or by other means transferring of any material containing malware or any other codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, harm, destruct or affect the operation of any computer software or hardware,
– intentionally or unintentionally violating the applicable legislation or provisions,
– annoying third parties in any manner,
– collecting or storing personal data related to other users.

6. Authorization

Under the terms and conditions hereof and all the applicable laws and regulations, this website vests a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, limited right to access, use and present this website and the content thereof. This authorization does not entail any ownership title transfer of the website and its content and is subject to the following restrictions: 1. You have to keep in all copies of the website and its content, all the footnotes related to copyright and other property rights, and 2. You may by no means amend the website and its content or reproduce or publicly present or distribute by any other means or use the website and its content for any other public or commercial purpose, unless otherwise permitted hereunder.

7. Links

All links contained in the website lead to websites belonging to the same or to third parties and other companies. These associated links are not subject to our Company’s control and we have no responsibility as to the content of any such website or link contained in any associated website or with regard to any change to or update of these websites. Our Company is not responsible for any internet broadcast or any kind of broadcast hosted by any associated website. Our Company provides these links through its website solely for facilitating its use. Visitors/Customers are not obliged to use these links and the fact that these links are contained in our website does not entail that our Company approves of or accepts the content thereof..

8. Booking procedure

The client can proceed a booking for the apartments accommodation of the company with any of the following methods
– Via any agent (as an natural entity or virtually)
– Via the website https://book.hoteliga.com/themarblesuites/
– Via call on the telephone number published on the website
– Via e-mail to the e-mail address published on the website
After booking with any of the aforementioned methods the client shall receive on the e-mail address provided by them, a link with an online form which must be completed with the requested data. In the aforementioned link the client shall also consent with the terms of use and data privacy policy. If the booking is made on the reception of the company the aforementioned documents will be give to the client as hard copy or in electronic form (via tablet) and shall be completed and signed by the client on the spot.
Namely in booking via internet agent (e.g. Https://www.hoteliga.com/) the client shall also consent with the terms of use and privacy policy. If not, the booking proceeding can not be completed and as result no booking exists.
The company is not liable for any faults or omissions with respect to the bookings and the availability caused by the website or any other mean via which a booking is proceeded. The nature of the website www.themarblesuites.com is informative. The liability of the company is limited as described in the terms 3 and 7.
– Cash
– Credit card (visa, mastercard, unionpay, discover)
– Paypal (Account [email protected])

9. Payment Method

The total cost is paid via the available methods according the used booking method, not later than 5 days before arrival if booked directly from our website or no later than 7 days before arrival if booked though other travel agents. You can pay via credit card or with cash only after prior arrangements with the company.

10. Cancellation and modification of the reservation

The client can cancel or modify the booking before arrival day. The cancellation and/or modification shall be notified via e-mail.
If cancellation and/or modification is made A or more days before agreed arrival day, there is no charge and any amount already paid shall be returned to the client.
A=3 for bookings through our webpage
A=7 for booking through booking.com or the Expedia group
A=7 for bookings though Airbnb
If the cancellation is made less than A days before agreed arrival (at 3pm of that day), the company will retain 100% of the total accommodation charge.
In case of modification of the reservation provided there is availability for the new dates selected by the client, there will be no additional charges unless the daily rent for the new dates is different.
If there is no availability, the reservation is cancelled according the aforementioned.
NON-refundable bookings are payed in full upfront. In case of cancellation or modification of the booking the company has the right to retain 100% of the total accommodation charge.

11. Assignment of the reservation to third parties

The client can assign the reservation at any time to a third party herein after becomes client and is bound by the present terms. The client and the third party shall be liable for the rent jointly and sererally, i.e. they will be both liable for the payment of the total cost, regardless of the person who finally used the reservation and the days they stayed. In case of assignment of the reservation as above, the client shall forward via e-mail to The Marble Suites, PLAKA their consent and the data of the third person. Thereafter the third person shall also communicate with the company via e-mail in order to declare acceptance of the assigned reservation, as well as the selected payment method.

12. Check-in and Check-out time

Check-in time is after 15.00. Check-out time is not later that 11.00. The aforementioned time can be adjusted at any time on the discretion of the company. In this case the client shall be informed accordingly.

The opening hours of the reception is from 10.00 to 22.00, without physical presence of the concierge in the building the client lives. The communication of the client with the reception is available by telephone or by e-mail or by direct messaging on WhatsApp on the aforementioned hours. The service with the concierge in the reception is available provided a prior telephone or e-mail notification is sent by the client.

Welcome services on arrival can also be provided with additional charge. The client shall inform the company for the arrival hour via the online form at least on day before arrival providing the company with the flight number and arrival hour or the ship name and arrival hour. In case of arrival with another media, such must be clearly declared in the booking form.

In case the client does not provide with the requested information for the arrival hour and/or the client doesn’t fix an appointment with a concierge of the company for the arrival, the booking shall be stated as “non-show” at 22.00 of this day. All charges are valid.

Departure time shall be declared on arrival. In any case not later than 11.00.

On departure, the client shall follow the following rules:
– Leave the apartment in  tidy condition
– Close the windows. Turn off the air-conditioner and water supply.
– Take all your belongings with you
– Close the door of your suite and turn the electronic door knob around to show the “CHECK-OUT” tag

In case the client on departure, forgets personal belongings in the apartment, they can communicate with the company so the personnel can search for. If, in any case, their belongings are not found, the company is not liable and the client can not claim compensation. If their belongings are found, they will be sent to the client on their expenses.

On departure, there is a supervision of the apartment by the company’s personnel. If damages or loss are found, the client is responsible and they will be charged with required expenses for the restoring services.

13. Dogs and other pets

Pets may be accepted depending on species and size. Extra charges apply.

14. Smoking

Smoking is not allowed to all interior places of the apartments as well as to the common areas. It is only allowed in the exterior places i.e. in apartments with private terrace or at the shared roof terrace. If a client smokes in the apartment there will be additional charge of 75 euros, so as to clean thoroughly the apartment.

15. Cleaning

The apartment is provided to the client clean and with clean linen, blankets, towels, pillows and pillow cases. The client is liable for the cleaning of the department during their stay. If the clients wish extra cleaning, they can arrange it with the company.

On the departure the final cleaning will be made by the Company.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:In Greece litter in the toilet is not allowed. Instead of that litter bin is used. If not, there is danger of drain blockage. If the aforementioned instruction is not followed and a problem occurs, the client shall be charged with all relevant services.

LAUNDRY: The company provides laundry services with additional cost. All laundry is made on quick program at 30 degrees Celsius.For sensitive clothing the client is responsible for the washing thereof. If for any reason one or more clothing are destroyed, the company is not responsible. The clothing is returned to the client washed and dried but not ironed within 24 hours from the moment delivered to the company’s concierge.

16. Use of the apartment

The client shall use the apartment only for stay and for no other purpose if there is no written consent of the company. The use of the apartments for any illegal occupation, action and activity is prohibited. Party is not allowed.

During their stay, the client is responsible for any damage in the apartment, furniture, devices and accessories from any action, omission or negligence of the client, their guests or anyone connected with them to any way and shall pay to the company the required amount for damage restoring.

17. Rules for the avoidance of noise in the apartment

The client is responsible to ensure peace in the apartment , as well as the exterior places of the building. Sound and noise volume of any source (television, radio, computer, human talk etc) must be limited to reasonable levels not disturbing the neighbors.

Special attention must be given by the client for respecting and keeping peace at quiet times , as determined by Police Provision under no 3/1996:

During summer (1st April – 30th September) from 15.00 to 17.30 and from 23.00 to 7.00

During winter (1st October – 31st March) from 15.30 to 17.30 and from 23.00 to 7.00

The offenders of the Police Order, shall be persecuted in fault degree and the company is not liable for all relevant offenses of the client that is in full criminal liability.

18. Local jurisdiction

For any dispute court of Athens shall be the appropriate and the applicable law on case.